Sunday, July 31, 2011

SnapShots Photography

A few months ago, I attended Ashley Ann's SnapShots Photography class.  Let me just tell you it was awesome.  She simplifies the techniques for using a dslr camera.  Ashley puts it in people terms and not professional photography terms and the class is hands on.  I have attended other photography classes that were mainly classroom teaching with very little hands on learning.  I'm a hands on learner and you can tell me something a hundred times but until I do it myself I will not learn.

I went to the class thinking we would learn about aperature, shutter speed and ISO's, but we learned so much more.  The best lesson was the very first thing she taught, rules of composition.  I knew a few of the composition rules but never had thought about the rest.  I think those rules can be more important to great photography than aperature, shutter speed, etc.

Our first hands on photography session was of Ashley's adorable children.

Thank you Ashley for a great class.

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